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Pick-4 2021

Last updates: 8/1/22

Hello, Everyone!! It's that time of year......Football Season!! That means the Pick-4 Pool starts with the beginning of the NFL season which is Thursday, September 8th. My buddy Andy and I will again be partnering to run the show.

The entry fee is again $105 for the entire season. $90 of that goes towards the weekly payouts, and the other $15 goes towards the YTD prizes.

If you are interested in playing this year please email Andy at:


When doing so please include:
- Your real name
- Your nickname to be used on the pool website
- Your mailing address......this is to send any winnings at the end of the season
- Your 4 default numbers

Your nickname will be used to log into the "Submit Picks" system. If you are a new player or need a password reset Andy will set you up after receiving your email.

We have an issue this year in that PayPal has cancelled Andy's account due to the fund transfers being for "gambling". Therefore we will not be able to use PayPal or Venmo (owned by PayPal) this year. We will need to have checks mailed directly to Andy's home at:

Andy Segura 302 Emily Ln New Cumberland, PA 17070

Make checks out to "Andy Segura".

Andy also uses an app called Zelle. If you are interested in this method reach out directly to Andy via the email address above. Also, if anyone is aware of other means to transfer money that isn't vulnerable to the tight rules of PayPal please share. If we can get a level of comfort with an alternate method we can share with the masses.

Please check the "2022 Player List" link in yellow at the top left of this page to see who is in and status. To start, we will include all players from last year, but please still reach out to Andy to confirm you will be playing again..

The deadline is Thursday, September 1st. We must have your entry fee at this deadline. That will give us a week to finalize the website and other details for the season.


(Picks due Thursday 9/8 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 9/15 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 9/22 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 9/29 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 10/6 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 10/13 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 10/20 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 10/27 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 11/3 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 11/10 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 11/17 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Wednesday 11/24 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 12/1 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 12/8 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 12/15 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 12/22 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 12/29 by 6:00pm)

(Picks due Thursday 1/5 by 6:00pm)